Posted by: jbarnesca | June 5, 2017


Last Friday on June 2nd, SDG&E opened their RAM VII RFO solicitation with the hope that their earlier filings on cancelling this requirement would be granted by the CPUC.  They state that they reluctantly are opening this RFO for up to 107.3 MW, but will terminate those on the shortlist as winners, if their Application for Modification and Petition for Modification are granted by the CPUC to remove their requirement for this RFO.

This and other proceedings by SDG&E, PG&E, and SCE to terminate any requirement for further solar PPA agreements in RAM etc. show their determination to stop further solar power acquisitions for several years into the future.

Only with constant lobbying pressure with the legislature to force a higher RPS standard and keep alive PPA opportunities will solar continue to make significant progress for all of us in CA.

Some are hoping that the retirement of the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant will spur the need for more solar and wind in the coming years in PG&E territory.  This has produced an increase in the start of new CAISO interconnection studies for several new projects this past March.



  1. We may need a pause on IOUs signing new solar PPAs because of the looming increase in CCAs. By forcing IOUs to sign PPAs that they may not need, we are imposing unnecessary costs on ourselves.

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